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Aeva Black

Azure Confidential Computing
Open Source Program Manager
Aeva is a technology architect, team leader, mentor, and industry veteran with a successful career spanning 20 years, several startups, and multiple
Fortune 500 Companies, including IBM, HPE, and Microsoft. Aeva’s areas of expertise include open source strategy, database development and consulting, advertising, cloud computing, hardware and security. They currently focus on
Confidential Computing at Microsoft Azure, building the next generation of secure cloud-native application services.

Aeva is known for cutting through complexity with precision, articulating simple, clear solutions for customers, partners, and developers. While at HPE, they led the creation and productization of an open source hardware automation framework which now powers millions of cores of clouds around the world. In former lives, Aeva held the titles of Vice President Engineering, Senior Staff
Research Engineer, and Master Engineer. Aeva was the founding member and technical lead for OpenStack’s Ironic Project, and held a seat on the OpenStack Technical Committee.

In their spare time, Aeva is a member of the Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee, and a board member of a Seattle-area non-profit that advocates for consent culture. Aeva is also lifelong student of the Dharma and an aspiring writer, advocating to make the world more ethical and more inclusive.